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Infection Prevention Policy

Finnegans resources ensures that staff are certified in WHMIS, First Aid, IPAC Core Competencies, and Worker Health & Safety at Work. Finnegans resources trains all staff on hand hygiene, biomedical waste, Occupational Health & Safety, Safe Injection Sites (policies, institute layout, Cleaning precautions), Best Practices of Environmental Cleaning, Healthcare-Associated Infections, and Chain of Infection to enhance the education and performance in relation to Infection Prevention and Control Policies. Finnegans Resources provides all staff the necessary Personal Protective Equipment as well as training in the proper use of Personal Protective Equipment to ensure success in completed tasks.

Our System Of Cleaning

We are fully committed to performing our cleaning services with a main goal of minimizing the spread of microorganisms within our customers' healthcare facilities. Infection prevention and control measures are represented all throughout our cleaning system. We perform our cleaning services with procedural recommendations from Public Health Ontario, IPAC Canada, PIDAC, World Health Organization, and best practice procedures for cleaning and disinfection in various publications.

Our system of cleaning encompasses a variety of elements:
- Hand Hygiene
- Biomedical Waste Handling and Management
- Custodial Health and Safety - Emergency Cleaning Protocols
- Best Practices for Environmental Cleaning of Healthcare Facilities - Personal Protective Equipment
- Infection Prevention and Control Core Competencies

Staff Expectaions

Finnegans resources will do everything reasonable under the circumstances to protect staff and clients from getting a work-related illness. Staff and volunteers are trained in the appropriate use of Personal Protective Equipment, including safe application and removal with minimal possibility of transmission of microorganisms, which may include healthcare-associated transmission. Finnegans Resources establishes a clear expectation that staff do not come into work with ill symptoms of infection. If staff or volunteers must work while ill, our staff understands that meticulous hand hygiene and appropriate Personal Protective Equipment is essential to minimize the possibility of transmission of infection.

Administrative Efforts

Administrative controls such as encouraging staff immunization, audits of practice, upkeep on changes in Infection Prevention and Control, and adequate training will take place to ensure construction of policy is up-to-date and in effect. Various environmental risk assessments will occur periodically to ensure the level of cleaning is adequate in the disinfection and minimizing of microorganisms

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