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Hand Hygiene Policy

Hand hygiene is a core element of health and safety for the prevention of health care-associated infections. An effective comprehensive hand hygiene program is based on using the right products and chemicals in the right areas at the right time. It is expected that employees adhere to the principles outlined in this policy.

Training And Education

Finnegans Resources is committed to providing services with proper hand hygiene techniques. Our employees receive standard hand hygiene education and training on a regular basis.

Hand Hygiene Supplies

Finnegans Resources will always have on hand adequate supplies for all staff to perform hand hygiene. If hands are visibly soiled, antimicrobial soap and water must be used to perform hand hygiene. Personal Protective Equipment in relation to hand hygiene must be used and replaced when required. Hand hygiene must always be performed before putting gloves on and after taking gloves off. Hand hygiene must be performed at the start of each shift. Gloves must be discarded and replaced with a new pair after cleaning a maximum of 3 treatment rooms throughout the job.

Moments For Hand Hygiene

Employees must adhere to the moments when hand hygiene is to be performed:
1. Before beginning shift
2. After cleaning a bathroom
3. After cleaning a kitchen/kitchenette
4. After cleaning a maximum of 3 treatment rooms
5. Before and after completing a job
6. After body fluid exposure risk
7. After use of the bathroom

All jewellery should be kept to a minimum and not impact on patient safety. A Wedding ring is the only jewellery item that is permitted to be worn while working on site. All broken skin areas must be covered with adhesive water resistant dressing. Artificial nails and nail polish are highly discouraged due to the ease of it harbouring microorganisms. Cream/lotion is to be applied after hand hygiene is performed with antimicrobial soap and water. The cream/lotion must be fragrance-free and non-irritating.

Routine Surviellance

Routine Surveillance related to hand hygiene compliance will occur through performance inspections. Finnegans Resources will review the results of hand hygiene compliance as part of the ongoing safety agenda of facility committees. If hand hygiene is not completed to satisfaction, the appropriate consequences will follow, this can include but is not limited to disciplinary action under the terms of their applicable contract, which could result in termination of employment.

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